EzyBonds had limitations with their SMS fund transfer system that proved it to be too complex, confusing and difficult for a customer to use. The system needed to provide much more convenience to customers, allowing them to manage their financial Ezybonds accounts with ease.


Aerion Technologies designed and developed an Android and iPhone app that allows EzyBonds customers to view their account balance, transactions and also transfer money. This solution integrates with the EzySMS backend, allowing users to also transfer money without an internet connection.


  • Convenience
  • Easily accessible
  • Quick Balance enquiries
  • Store locator
  • Built in language translations
  • Authentication and encryption to ensure safe transfer of funds

Having been referred to Aerion by the designers of our App, I was somewhat nervous about their abilities and whether they would grasp the idea of what we were trying to achieve — a mobile phone application that transacted with a user’s e-wallet via SMS.

The outcome exceeded my expectations; they delivered us a world class application that allows our members to easily navigate and send money in various ways around the world, in real time.

At each step of the process, Aerion kept us fully informed with the development and patiently incorporated any additional requirements we had. Aerion are a pleasure to work with and I’d highly recommend their services to anyone seeking to build a mobile application.

Tiffany Jones - Executive Director
Ezybonds Global Payments