Aerion Technologies were tasked with developing a web back-end for an internal iPad app used for conducting inspections, as well as building out and expanding the app with new features. A new look and feel for commercialisation purposes has also been implemented as part of the overall solution.


Aerion developed a website back-end that allowed inspections to be uploaded via the app instantly and seamlessly. This was a complex task owing to the dynamic nature of the data captured by the iPad app. In addition, the website allows the ability to generate and share reports, as well as having a highly configurable template editor. The editor was built to take advantage of the dynamic data to build complex templates allowing for fast and accurate data capture on the iPad while out in the field running an inspection. The iPad app itself was modified and customized with a more user-friendly look and feel, while introducing new features such as the ability to sync observations, templates and projects so that users can get their work done fast and freely, even when multiple people are involved in the project. The iPad app is currently in beta testing at Arup and is receiving a lot of praise for how much simpler it's making the job of inspecting sites and submitting reports to clients.


  • Simple interface for adding information to an image or map
  • Cloud-based syncing means accessibility for everyone
  • Greatly reduces time needed to inspect sites or areas of interest
  • Custom template editor allows users to capture detailed and specific information
  • Report generation offers at-a-glance insights which can be easily shared internally or with clients
  • Photos are added alongside relevant information, without the need for collation

Aerion have assisted us in taking our on-site activities to the next level. We have worked closely with them to make our Marq inspection app more flexible, more customisable and more powerful. They have helped us transform Marq from a standalone app into a sophisticated data capture and reporting system.

The team at Aerion have been a pleasure to work with. They continue to deliver high quality, innovative solutions that people around Arup love using.

Stewart Bird - Project Manager