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Mobile App Vs. Mobile Website

Over the past few years companies have questioned which technology would better suit their organisation, a Mobile App or a Mobile Website?The answer to this question can be difficult to conclude and requires you to explore your business, clients and the intended purpose of the application. According to the Herald Sun Herald Sun, over 59% of Australians now own smartphones so if this hasn’t come to your attention it’s time to consider the best solution for you and your organisation.To understand the best solution for your organisation, it is first important to appreciate the options that could provide you with a mobile offering.

Mobile App

A Mobile App is an application that is deployed and downloaded through the app stores for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  • Mobile Apps have the ability to make use of all the features on your mobile device. These include the phone’s camera, NFC (Near Filed Communication), accelerometer, compass, the user’s address book and more.
  • Mobile Apps are built specifically for an individual device and if developed well, they will provide a more immersive experience.
  • They are distributed and downloadable from the App Store and Google Play, which are great distribution channels.
  • The App is installed directly onto the user’s device
  • Installed apps give organisations reoccurring brand impressions when the user sees their app icon.
  • The speed and performance is generally faster.
  • App updates need to go through the distribution channel’s submission processes before users can access them.
  • Organisations have the ability to monetize through the app stores and in-app purchases.
  • Organisations also have the ability to have [link id='1350' text='push notifications'] and directly market to your customers.
  • Native applications have greater security than mobile websites.

Mobile Website

A mobile website is an extension of your normal website that provides users with a view of your content that is easily read and navigated on a mobile phone.
  • Mobile Websites work on all devices and are cross-platform compatible.
  • Mobile Websites cannot be deployed on any app store
  • Mobile Websites can only access limited device features, including screen orientation, geo-location, media (video and audio) and offline storage.
  • They are only accessible through the device’s web browser.
  • Organisations need to provide their own distribution channel or marketing avenues.
  • UI performance is limited and generally unable to produce an immersive user experience.
  • The content of a Mobile Website can be changed at any time, almost instantaneously.
  • Mobile Websites generally cost less to develop and maintain.
  • Users can find your Mobile Website through an internet search or link from elsewhere, as opposed to having to specifically look up your app in an app store.
  • Mobile Websites can be built with a “Responsive Design” which functions well on all device sizes; from phones to tablets and even PC-based browsing
When making the decision to develop a Mobile App or Mobile Website you must consider, the services your company provides and how you would like to engage with your consumers.What’s the right approach for your business?
  • Does your mobile app require the use of the native specific device features (i.e. camera, accelerometer, NFC, Push Notifications etc.)?
  • Does your mobile application need to be used offline regularly?
  • Will content be customised to the specific user?
  • Do you want your application to be downloaded from the app store/ Google Play?
  • How do you want to monetise your applications?
  • Is speed and performance important to your organisation?
  • Does your app require access to the internet?
  • Do you want full control over the UI experience?
Answering these questions can help your organisation make an informed decision to develop a Mobile Website, Mobile App or even both.In conclusion, when selecting to develop a mobile web or mobile app it is important to look at your business objectives, target audience and the device features that your app requires. If you would like to discuss which mobile solution would best suit your organisation, please feel free to [link id='965' text='contact us'] today.Sources: Six Revisions; Econsultancy; Human Servcie Solutions; Herald Sun Image Source: Zabisco