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Aerion Newsletter - August 2012

Welcome to the first edition of the AERION TECHNOLOGIES’ Newsletter. You’re receiving this newsletter because you are a valued client and/or have been in communication with the team at Aerion Technologies.

The aim of our newsletter is to keep you up to date with advances in technology and the benefits they could provide your organisation. Along the way we will point you in the direction of news and blog articles that we believe are relevant to today’s business environment. We will also introduce you to our recently completed projects to demonstrate how we have used technology to benefit our clients and their organisations.

Thank you and we hope that this can become a valuable resource for you.

Latest news

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Website Launch

AERION TECHNOLOGIES has launched its new website in July 2012. We’ve added several new pages featuring projects we have been involved with. Our website will not only showcase our latest projects but also provide a resource to our visitors on the trends and changes in today’s tech space.

Featured Articles

Aerion Technologies - Mobile Development


The mobile app market has revolutionized technology and the way individuals access information. With the continuing rise of the Smartphone and Tablet market there is a growing need for organisations to provide Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites as a part of their digital offering.

What technology is right for your organisation?

This can be a difficult to answer and requires you to explore your business, clients and the intended purpose of the mobile app/website.

To explore this further please read our latest article Mobile App Vs. Mobile Websites


One of the most appealing features of Mobile Apps is the push notification. Push notifications, similar to an SMS arrive on the mobile device alerting your customers. These notifications can be used in different ways depending on your App and your users’ needs, e.g. customer service alerts, new content notices, breaking news, reminders and location-specific alerts.

This direct relationship is a marketer’s dream but there are rules and best practices that need to be considered.

Find out more about how Aerion Technologies can help develop your mobile relationships with push notifications


Aerion Technologies - VSSEC - Robotic Mission To Mars


Based on NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity, Aerion Technologies has designed and developed an interactive educational tool which simulates a Robotic Mission to Mars. The Robotic Mission to Mars application is a huge step forward in interactive education and is the first of its kind in the world. Read more about the Robotic Mission To Mars

Aerion Technologies - Pharmacy Choice  - Ticket Printing System


Launched in 2011, the Pharmacy Choice Ticket Printing Program provides the flexibility to print generic and custom branded shelf tickets throughout member stores. Currently, there are over 250 pharmacies across Australia using the Pharmacy Choice Ticket Printing program. Read more about the Pharmacy Choice Ticket Printing System

Aerion Technologies - Live Sports Results


Live Sports Results allows you to keep abreast of 16 Sports and all Australian and international Horse, Harness and Greyhound races through a website and iPhone app. Read more about Live Sports Results