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Innovative Technology Includes 3D Traffic Grid & Joysticks

The Olympic tradition will continue in Sochi in 2014 and then in Rio De Janeiro in 2016. As usual, security concerns will be an issue. Rio will be ramping up security long before the Olympics arrive. In 2014, it will also host the FIFA World Cup. One of the challenges in this massive city is the traffic. It appears that the saying "What a tangled web we weave" may actually have originated amidst the streets of Rio De Janeiro!

In advance of the World Cup, the city has turned to a Canadian firm, Fortem, to design a traffic management program that will improve traffic flow. When it comes to any kind of security threat, moving vehicles are simply safer ones. The innovative technology that Fortem has come up with is actually "gamified." Security personnel will view a three-dimensional representation of the traffic grid and actually use joysticks to change traffic light settings and dispatch extra police to manage traffic when unique tie-ups occur. With the arrival of hordes of international soccer revellers for the World Cup, this unique use of gamification may prove to be quite valuable.

This "hands-on" approach to traffic monitoring should also serve to foil the occasional Rio carjacker. One might imagine that, in the event of a witnessed carjacking, the joy-sticks might be employed to actually tie-up traffic in order to stop the thief in his tracks! Getting the soccer fans, and later the attendees at the Olympics, in and out of Rio safely is one of the key goals of the Fortem-designed system.

The IFSEC's Rob Ratcliff recently called gamification "the single most important ongoing innovation in the security technology industry."

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