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3 Key Benefits of Android Development

Apple’s iPhone revolutionized the world of communications and computing upon its release. However, the Android OS and host of competing mobile devices that run it have pushed hard to earn parity with Apple’s flagship mobile platform and drive innovation in the new realm of mobile computing.

The comparison of iOS vs. Android for application development is actually a pretty subjective one. It has as much to do with which market an app is expected to penetrate as well as the cost of porting over apps between platforms. However, let us take a look at three of the greatest benefits of Android development:

Impressive Growth of Android Market

Though iPhone remains the highest-selling single smartphone brand, the proliferation of Android devices actually far outstrips it in terms of volume. After the first 16 quarters from launch, Android unit shipments showed a near exponential rise while iPhone shipments grew more linearly. This is not only in large part due to the variety of manufacturers who have embraced Android, it is also due to the efforts of Samsung. Its Galaxy S III series has emerged as a neck-and-neck competitor to iPhone in terms of features and sales.

Android Allows for Greater Flexibility

iPhone is a uniform hardware target. There is an expectation of consistency and regularity with the device. This may be a bonus from the user perspective, but it can be inhibiting from a developer's perspective. An Android developer has greater flexibility and freedom in tapping the features of the phone, and when an app is put on the market the turnaround time is shorter than with apps on the Apple store.

The Install Rate of Apps Is Higher on Android

Though it cannot be guaranteed that Android apps will monetize more effectively compared to their iPhone counterparts, the install rates tend to be higher. Part of this could be attributed to Android’s more seamless implementation of Google Play downloads while running other apps.

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