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Emerging Trends In Web Applications

Web applications are going to be with us into the foreseeable (and, likely, beyond the foreseeable) future. But, as with so many other aspects of technology, they are subject to the frequent changes dictated by the information systems market. Because of this, web applications have evolved over the last several years and will continue to evolve, ensuring that they are compliant with prevailing, hi-tech standards.

Here are some emerging trends in web applications.

1. Improved integration with social networks. Social media marketing will continue to grow in the coming years. Coincidental with that, you can expect to see web applications implementing some very sophisticated integration with the various channels of social media. This goes beyond the "Like" or "Tweet" buttons that you'll see on pages containing original content. Instead, you can expect to see custom-made web applications, utilizing social media APIs, which facilitate marketing-specific initiatives. These will become more commonplace, and probably indispensable, in the coming months.

2. Responsive web design isn't going away. Website owners who do not ensure that their website is usable on all of the major platforms and browser implementations is at a signficant competitive disadvantage. A good website is user-friendly on a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop.

3. Flash is gone. It was pretty impressive to see the various implementations of Flash on certain websites some years past. But alas, since iOS has expressed hostility towards adopting Flash technology in its rather popular portfolio of offerings, you can safely assume that Flash technology should not be a part of web applications going forward.

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