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Preparation is Key to Mobile Development

When approaching mobile app development, heading straight into the ideation process might seem to be the place to start. Yet, rushing into ideation without preparation can hinder the process and limit it's effectiveness to provide solutions to real problems.


There are several areas to consider when beginning to plan for the initiation of the ideation process. One of the most significant aspects is the "why".  The mission, vision and purpose of the company as a whole is an important driving factor for everything the company does. The purpose is the "why". The "why" will lead everyone involved into a focused path as they begin to consider the solutions the app must provide. Consider that 68% of companies do not have a business intelligence strategy.


Spend time before ideation defining needs. Do not be content with obvious or existing customer or employee needs. Direct each ideation team member to devise new needs or new problems that need a new solution.


Provide each ideation team member with information and questions to consider before the ideation process begins. Allow each member time to brainstorm on their own about problems and solutions. Having each team member come to the ideation sessions with prepared thoughts will encourage participation by every member, and more diverse and fresh ideas. A team of prepared members will create an ideation process where creative and new thoughts will become the norm rather than the exception.


Include end users in preparation for the ideation process. Encourage each team member to spend time observing the end user in their environment, using the tools that currently exist. This will provide fresh insights into the needs and possible solutions that can be addressed in the ideation process.


Overall, the greatest benefit that proper preparation prior to the ideation process provides is the streamlining of the ideation process itself. More time can be spent by the team on improving ideas and finding solutions to problems rather than the generation of ideas and identifying problems, giving your ideation process a greater opportunity to create a successful mobile app.


The right preparation is key in mobile development. Please contact us to learn about how we can assist in development of your mobile application.