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Software developers can clear clutter and consolidate business processes

Take a moment today and inspect your own and your colleagues’ computer desktops. What do you see? Are they populated with spreadsheet files that run deep and wide? How does your organisation track what needs to tracked?

Is there a similarly eclectic array of shortcuts and folders that don’t so much clear up clutter, but really add to it? Finally, when you need to find that old paper invoice, do you put on rubber gloves to avoid paper cuts and the muck and grime of those creaky file cabinets in the cellar storage area?

It’s about process automation and efficiency

The old saying that the job is not finished until the paperwork is done is true enough. Sometimes, though, the need for speed results in rapid production, but incomplete execution. For example:

  • You rely on an orderly and sequential checklist approach. Ideally, the approach is foolproof, but your experience is that approaching business process with paper checklists can break down under the pressure of business or through the complacency of habit.
  • You make the sale. The sales invoice gets shunted to a bulging file folder, and duplicates are maintained, but never needed again.
  • You resolve a problem, maybe by e-mail. The e-mail becomes one of a ‘cast of thousands,’ which you may or may not be able to find six months from now, long after the transaction grows dim in human memory.

It’s time for a custom application approach

The reason your business process is a hybrid conglomeration of computer and paper files has more to do with evolution than intent. Whatever actual customisation has evolved is in the form of the personalised desktops and quirky filing systems that are at the heart of all that clutter. Here is where our software developers come in.

It’s time for your own custom business application

True customisation means “made for your business.” The application part involves incorporating your process into an orderly automated system where no steps are skipped and where everything is tracked, stored and the job is completed through centralising the records keeping.

You already know everything about your business operation and how automation helps level the playing field. If you agree that it’s time to consolidate, regroup and take full advantage of the new inroads to marketing, sales and growth, you definitely need what we have to offer.

Contact us. We can develop your customised business application, make your operation more efficient and cut into the fat of your cost centres, while building up the muscle of your organisation.