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Aerion Accepted into the Leap Motion Developer Program

In November Aerion was accepted into the Leap Motion Developer Program, this allowed Aerion to gain early access to a Leap Motion Developer Kit. This developer kit will allow us to prototype Apps and gain insight into the possibilities of using Leap Motion.

Leap Motion is a unique new way to interact with your computer, whether it be Windows or Mac. Leap Motion allows your computer to be controlled by your hands and fingers in 3D space. Leap Motion is more accurate than a conventional mouse and more sensitive than existing touch screen solutions.

Leap motion is a small device, the size of a usb stick

At roughly the size of a USB stick, this device is 200 times more accurate than any other motion tracking system on the market. Leap can distinguish between your individual fingers as well as your hand and track all movements with extreme accuracy.

Aerion is excited about this new technology and have begun brainstorming and prototyping several uses for it within the office.

We are keen to discuss your Leap development ideas with you. Aerion's Leap Motion developer status gives us the necessary technical insight and resources to bring your ideas to life.

If you would like to talk about this exciting new technology or would love to operate Leap Motion at Aerion's office, please Contact Us today.