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4 key elements of successful iPhone app development

Why do so many app development projects fail? Although predicting success or failure is difficult under the best of circumstances, you can take steps that reduce the chances your iPhone app development project will fail.

It comes down to clarity, simplicity, complexity and constraints. If you can create a process that allows all the team members -- everyone from the designers to developers to the sales force -- to pull in the same direction, you’ll be way ahead of your competitors.

Clarity is key

Encourage your project managers and “idea gurus” to be up front and honest with what they want, since it's the designers and developers who have the technical expertise. Sometimes it comes down to a simple lack of clarity when it comes to communicating the big ideas to your developers. Make sure you're conveying exactly what the idea is to your development team and what precisely you need the developer to design that will best solve your business’s problem.

Begin with simplicity.

You should first begin with the “big idea” and its key features. Just like when you buy a bookshelf and take it home to assemble, it always help to know what the end product looks like. In iPhone app development, developers need the same context. So although small details like colours, images and titles are important, make sure they’re communicated within the context of the big picture.

Understand complexity.

As you near the finish line and your app’s completion becomes clear, suddenly the whole project starts to shine and the whole team sees how the idea looks in action. Fair warning: you’ll get in trouble when you start thinking it’s no big deal to add one more small thing, because your idea of small isn’t always an easy fix. Either fully discuss potential areas for complexity ahead of time or avoid making those "small" changes to the fullest extent possible.

Know what constraints look like.

Incremental changes will sink a project every time -- just think of when you tell yourself you’ve have just one more piece of chocolate. So what does constrained idea look like? If the idea changes after development begins, then the idea isn’t constrained, and that means you’ll burn through more time and money. Understand the trade off -- if you want to eat at the best restaurant, chances are you’ll have to wait longer for a table. Same goes for app development -- more features equals an increase to your schedule.

We can help you achieve a successful app launch with all these steps. Want to know more about iPhone app development? Contact us, we're happy to help.