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Competitive Advantage of Mobile Development

If you are a small business owner you are likely using mobile apps to run your business and organise yourself but are you using a mobile app to drive clients to your business? If you are like most small business owners the answer is no. Maybe you are not convinced that you need a mobile app for your business or it could be a matter of not having the in-house skill-set to do so.

Mobile apps can give you a competitive advantage in several ways. Two of the most obvious and critical ones are reaching new customers and ongoing engagement with current ones. An app from your business keeps your name right on their phone with easy access. A rich app offers users of smart devices an alternative, and many times, preferred way to connect with your business. Depending on the capabilities of your app you can send real-time updates, coupons or other customer interest items. According to Virtual Strategy Magazine, a consumer survey conducted by Strategy Analytics showed that 67% of Smartphone owners use the device for shopping. The potential market is growing with the increased popularity and variety of smart devices available.

In a larger organisation with a large IT department you may have a person who possesses the skill set to develop a mobile app but in small business it is more likely that you won’t find an internal candidate. Mobile application development involves more than just creation of an app. It really consists of creating a mobile engagement strategy that includes elements such as customer experience management and marketing initiatives. Due to the fluid nature of mobile technology it can be difficult to create a comprehensive plan. That is where it can be advantageous to use an outside firm with expertise in this area and for mobile development Aerion Technologies is your developer of choice.

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