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Google Glass & Competitors Offer True Innovative Technology

In the case of Google's new innovative technology, Google Glass, one might ask, "Is Glass half-full or half-empty?" to which Google might cryptically respond, "Yes." Why? Because it is a one-eyed device. The other eye remains fully engaged in the experience of the real world, although the distinction between reality and its virtual counterpart appears to be blurring at an accelerating pace.

One of the most interesting aspects of the new Google Glass is the merger of language translation and voice recognition. One will be able to engage in certain utterances and quickly see a translation appear just above the normal field of view.

Will Google's new entry in the veritable tsunami of personal electronic devices remain a novelty, or will it go mainstream, ala iPad? Will "OK Glass" join the parade of new terms to fully enter our expanding 21st century lexicon? As Google Glass is released in late 2013, daily usage will begin to generate answers.

Apple's Likely Entry

The Apple concept is different in key ways. Apple's patented means for casting images and data onto a user's pupils is quite different. The information is projected from the side -- hence the patent. Also, there are two systems, one for each eye. This "iGlass" concept is radically different from Google Glass in that it is intended to be utterly immersive. Google would like to expand its market by having motorists wear theirs. That's already generated opposition from a state legislator in West Virginia that wants to ban their use while one is driving.

Apple ultimately wants to immerse the user in the experience. If the visual delights of their patented system can be combined with quality bone induction sound technology, the experience might be downright gripping. At this point, the difference is t hat Google Glass exists, along with an anticipated consumer release date. Apple has, well, a patent. However, keep in mind that Apple has a patented wrist device on the horizon as well.

Microsoft Monocles?

Meanwhile, Microsoft still employs too many geniuses, and it is sitting on too much cash, to sit by while the parade passes it by. Microsoft's entry in this "visionary" endeavor is almost inevitable. If it is a one-display concept like Google's, the imagined moniker, "Microsoft Monocle," may stick!

Baidu "Eye"

Meanwhile, Baidu, the giant Chinese enterprise with the leading Asian search engine, suggests that it may join in the fray with "Baidu Eye." These glasses would include Mandarin voice recognition, although no production plans exist as of yet.

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