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Business process automation begins at the desktop

Business process automation is both a craft and an art. As a craft it is the process of converting what your business does every day in response to a particular demand or event. That could be a product order, a return or simply answering a query from a prospective customer. As an aggregate, it is the search for solutions to speed things up.

Where the process of converting comes in is automating them to accelerate each step that used to be done according to a manual protocol. The acceleration reduces the time spent on each transaction and frees up resources to attend to more processes -- handle more orders, troubleshoot problems, inject more efficiency, etc.

The art of business process automation is how everything -- people, resources, sensible methods of doing business -- is drawn together from a scattered, diffuse state to a harmonious whole. That whole is always more than the sum of its parts, but when uncoordinated, it is far less.

How are your business processes handled from your individual desktop and mobile workstations? Over the years you have, no doubt, taken advantage of computer applications that reduce drudgery and increase productivity.

In the process of seeking solutions to business automation, your IT support has most likely evolved into a state where the tail (your business applications) has begun wagging the dog (your core business process). If your own desktop is populated by applications that are needed, yet overlap each other, it is likely that every desktop in your organisation looks the same (or possibly worse).

Moreover, the reason that your desktop applications are numerous and overlapping is that each application nearly, but not quite, meets a particular business process need:

  • The spreadsheet does great maths and graphs, but is too unwieldy and wide.
  • The database keeps track of customers and their orders, but is getting far too deep.
  • Your email application has an overflowing inbox and you are worried about security and privacy.
  • Your worries turn into nightmares when you think of the possibility of some disaster wiping out your irreplaceable business data.

It may be time for you to consider a custom software solution that supports your unique business process where you don’t have to bend the process around the solution to get a desired result.

The art of the matter is also how your own innovative ideas can actually fuel the development of customised applications. Those solutions, in turn, always result in better business processes, productivity and creativity.

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