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Don't Be a Paper Pusher: Software Design That Fits

Not that long ago the term paper pusher brought forth images of someone sitting at an overflowing desk full of papers, with file cabinets hanging open. That image still exists today, although the need for paper records is no longer as valid. However, a business may be amazed at the amount of paper they still push around, or how expensive that really is. The fact is, with the right software design a business can customize a system that will change them from paper pushers to streamlined services. But what exactly can the right software design do for a business?

Essentially, software design is a system created just for your business. It takes into account what your business does, how it is done, where you need access to information, who needs access to it, and much much more. Then the software is created that fits those specific needs of your business. Blogginggateway gives the five best reasons for considering purchasing software designed just for your company.

  • Cost reduction – the cost reduction comes in many forms, from less resources needed, such as paper, space, and supplies. But also, when a business uses other software, they often have to pay a license fee to use that software. Improved efficiency also reduces costs. 
  • Low training costs – training can be expensive with new employees. The learning curve may take weeks for a new employee to grasp a new system that includes a paper trail, out dated technology, or multiple points of contact. However, having a system in place that is designed for your business can speed up training, getting employees on board and trained quickly and easily. 
  • Increased flexibility – as your business grows and changes, your software can be altered and improved to grow with you. This is not possible with preset software that is for general use. Instead, you would have to go searching for new software that could work for the changes in your business. But with your own software, it will succeed with you. 
  • Competitive advantage – custom software can give you an edge in productivity, efficiency, and help you stand out above the rest. It can also increase sales, putting you ahead of the game. The software can also be designed to help you promote your business. 
  • Increased value – a company that is behind the times, drowning in outdated methods, with out of date technology has far less value than a business that moves with the times, and keeps making improvements to the business. Having software that fits the business brings in overall value to the entire business.

Whether your business is drowning in a sea of paperwork, floundering under a system of paper records, or trying to utilize outdated methods, it may be time to make a change. Creating a software system that speeds up efficiency, increases productivity, and reduces costs can be just the change your business needs to succeed. If you are interested in more information, or want to start designing software that works for your business, you can contact us. We would love to help you climb out from the pile of papers that is holding your business down.