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Web Applications: The Product of a More Mature Internet

Most people are familiar with the meanings of the words "application" and "web" separately but start to scratch their heads when the two words are used together. Web Applications are the product of years of innovation shifting the internet from a static and brochure-like medium to a highly interactive and dynamic entity. This change in terminology is indicative of the fact that websites are acting less like pieces of paper and more like fully-fledged applications with a home in the Cloud, a Web Application.

While a detailed explanation of how the internet has changed in the last 25 years ago is beyond the scope of this post, one of the major milestones was the advent of the scripting language, JavaScript. What started out as little more than a "toy language" to add cool features and animations to rudimentary web sites, has evolved into the monster it is today.  JavaScript is widely considered to be the "language of the web".

One recent development of JavaScript that has helped it to move into the forefront of web development is Node.js. Prior to Node, JavaScript was strictly a front-end language and not be able to operate as a functional server-side language. Node.js, now allows developers to code an entire Web Application from front to back using the one language.

How does this affect businesses? For large corporations with virtually limitless amounts of cash to throw at their web applications, it doesn't make much difference at all, but for cash-strapped entrepreneurs it can make all of the difference. Prior to Node.js, practically the only way to code a Web Application was by using a different language for both the frontend and backend.

While it is not impossible to find a developer that has an equally adequate command of JavaScript and another language, these developers often demand higher rates, driving the cost of a project up drastically, making it all the more difficult for small business owners with limited resources to get web applications up and running.

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