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Which platform should you focus your mobile development on?

Maybe you've already decided that mobile development is the marketing tool of the future. If so, you're right. The day-and-night branding and marketing ability that comes with having your own app is an amazing thing. But which platform should you focus your development on: iOS? Android? Windows? According to a recent article from Quartz, Android is not only dominating the global market in smartphone sales, it also offers more apps -- 1.3 million to iOS's 1.2 million. But the priority of mobile development remains with iOS. Of app startups with venture capital investments, the article explained, 90 percent offer iOS apps. About half of the companies studied offered both iOS and Android. However, only 10 percent of the companies offered Android only. When Android started overtaking iOS in sales, experts predicted that the apps would, within a short period of time, follow suit. The short period of time has passed and the prediction hasn't come about, the article stated.

Why? For a number of reasons, including the fact that many startup founders were Apple users themselves. Also, it's easy to build a critical mass as an iOS-only app, and Google's development environment isn't as good as Apple's. Additionally, Android systems are widely varied, causing a fragmentation of users that isn't found with iOS devices. The predictions have now been scaled back to a notion that apps in the future will be released simultaneously or nearly simultaneously for iOS and Android. In the meantime, Aerion Technologies can help you with your mobile development regardless of which platform you choose. For more information on our app development services or to discuss with us the mobile development project you've been thinking about, contact us today.