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iPhone and Android development

According to an article from Forbes, people are spending more time on their mobile devices this year than they did last year. The current average of time spent is 2 hours, 42 minutes a day.

They're spending the majority of that time using apps, the article noted. In fact, in a study of iOS and Android users, it was revealed that 86 percent of their time was spent on apps, while 14 percent was spent on mobile browsers. Of the time spent on apps, while a vast majority is spent on game apps, users are also spending quite a bit of time on social media apps, social messaging, entertainments apps and YouTube.

It's a wake up call, the article noted, for those companies hoping to reach people who aren't focused on iPhone or Android development. If you want to reach people, you need to go where they are. Increasingly, where they are is not on browsers but on apps, so a healthy development strategy for iPhone and Android apps is a good bet for your business.

Aerion Technologies can help you connect to your customer base 24/7 with iPhone and Android development of mobile apps featuring shopping carts, iOS or Google maps, push notifications, and social media links. We offer full support in all stages of app development and we guarantee full post-deployment operational and commercial support. The world of technology is a constantly evolving one. Doesn't it make sense to move as your customers move and be where they're going? For more information on mobile app development for the iPhone and Android, contact us.