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Sales and Marketing Tools - Are You Ready?

 A reality of today's mobile marketplace is that if you have not captured your prospective customer's attention in less than 2 seconds, you lose!

Integrating Time Tested and Proven Sales and Marketing Tools into your Online Marketing Strategy is Now More Important than Ever!

The first step in resetting your thinking is to realize that the Mobile User of Today is evaluating your message in nano seconds!  Before you complete reading this sentence, your prospect is sliding his or her thumb on to their next experience.

You how have to accomplish an incredible number of the traditional steps in the Sales and Marketing Process in the Blink of an Eye!

You must Capture Their Attention, Gain Their Interest, Educate Them About Your Product or Service, and then HOLD Them Long Enough to Deliver a Call to Action.  All in micro seconds before they swipe onto their next "Mobile Experience"!  

So here are 8 Things for You to Consider in the New World of Warp Speed Marketing:

  1. WHO is Your Ideal Client? - Do your research.  Know their demographics and Understand how it can impact the way they view your site.  Who is YOUR Targeted Prospect?
  2. Who IS Your Target?  What makes them tick?  Where do they hang out? Are they walking or riding a bike while accessing your site or would they be more likely to be reading with one hand while eating dinner? 
  3. What is IMPORTANT to Them? What Does Your Client Want? Knowing what they really want or need - Sometimes called PAIN - will drive how you deliver your message.  Should your message be a Two Word Grabber like "STOP HERE", or does it need to be "Five Steps to Success" with the full narrative?  
  4. What Device Will They Use? Their Smart Phone? - Smart Phones are spreading faster than any technology in history. A Desktop, Laptop, Tablet?  Probably all of the above so your User Interface will need to support all environments 
  5. What will GRAB Their Attention. What graphics, colors, words, images will cause them to STOP and want to see more.
  6. How Will You Educate and Inform Them?  Are they skimmers, thinkers, readers, listeners, watchers - All have ramifications for your design.
  7. What Will Cause Them to Act? - Are your target prospects into coupons, discounts, contests, surveys?  What is it that will cause them to Click Here to Buy?
  8. How will they NAVIGATE your site? Will they be using voice prompts or swiping or typing?  There are new user interfaces and concepts being introduced every day.  Which is best for YOUR USER?

The answer to these and similar questions will dictate the "Look and Feel" of your site, it will drive decisions about branding, layout, content, menus, buttons and so much more.  A "User Centered Approach" integrating Sales and Marketing Tools to Website Design is now important than ever. 

Please contact us today to discuss YOUR Project.  We are Aerion and we do Mobile Computing!