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PayPal's CTO points to Innovative Technology trends for 2014

With the dizzying growth of technology, and its effect on the way we do business today, consumers are turning more and more to their mobile devices to make their purchases.

A barometer of this trend is the PayPal transactions which were about $4 billion in 2011 compared to a nearly $20 billion for all of 2013, according to a post on


Innovative Technology trends likely to occur in 2014 will ultimately affect large and small companies across many sectors, noted PayPal’s CTO, James Barrese; they include:

Make way for software versus hardware…

It’s a common phrase---’hardware is the new software’---but it is due to make further innovations to the retailing industry. And, it’s more than just using mobile devices  to conclude our purchases. It will continue to be about new methods of “engaging customers.”

“Businesses are discovering that these devices are a great way to engage their customers and we’re seeing the beginning of an outpouring of innovation driven by this hardware-centric approach to the marketplace.”

The password: this, too, shall pass…

For sure, better ways to protect our online security will be a top priority, and the move to ‘authentication technologies’ will eventually supplant the use of passwords, such as fingerprint authentication, which some of the new mobile devices have included already.

Making apps for the the cloud.

Given the array of mobile devices in the marketplace today, the push should be toward open source software, like the OpenStack platform; the latter is ideal for developing apps for the  private and public cloud useage.

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