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What's New in Android Development

The big news this week about Android Development took many in our industry by surprise. After looking at it, it's clear that there could be some impacts for all of us, including PC Users who long for systems that are easy to operate but can have powerful apps at the same time. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) manufacturers showcased Android operated PCs.


What's more: the price is right.  For $450 you can get an Android-powered Lenovo N308 with an NVIDIA Tegra 4, 2 gigs ram, 19.5 inch touchscreen, half a terabyte hard disk or a 16 gig eMMC storage, webcam, USB ports, 6 in 1 card reader, keyboard, and mouse. Given that the Android was never intended for the computer, that's pretty amazing.  Maybe this isn't the computer the developer needs, but for the family on a limited budget that needs a computer to check email, surf the web, do basic word processing, and gaming, this little desktop computer might be just the ticket.

But wait! Intel and AMD are looking to add Android as a dual operating system along with Windows.  While Intel is tight-lipped about the merger of the two operating systems, AMD is willing to talk.  AMD and Bluestacks will create a seamless transition.  The Bluestacks software runs an Android emulator on top of Windows. While it may give a seamless interface, it runs slow on older hardware, something that AMD will have no problem with on its new platform.

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