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Simple Tips for Protecting Your Data

Because your digital information forms the life blood of your company, you want to protect it at all costs. You’ve already spent enough money to implement software security that protects data from hackers and malware. You can supplement that measure with these simple tips.

  • Hide the screens. If your computer displays face the window, then anybody walking outside can see what confidential data you’re typing. Even if you’re on a higher floor, someone in the next building could be using binoculars to spy on your entries. Turn your displays so only the person using them can view what’s being typed.
  • Avoid public Wi-Fi logins. To keep in touch with work and save money, you use free Wi-Fi with your data devices while commuting on the train or when sipping a latte at a coffee shop. However, because this access is not secure, any hacker can eavesdrop on what you’re entering. To avoid problems, avoid using any sites that require logins, such as your email, company database, or banking web pages.
  • What happens to your unused data access devices? The worst thing you can do is store them on an office shelf or in an unlocked drawer. If someone passing by were to grab the device, you would probably not miss it. For maximum security, store such equipment inside locked cabinets in locked rooms. Every quarter or so, ask your IT department to wipe the memories of these devices clean so you can donate them to worthy charities.

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