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Ovum, notes changes in Educational Delivery Systems

Independent research firm, Ovum has indicated a shift in the way education takes place in many parts of the world.It’s an understatement to say that the teaching methods classroom educators use nowadays have come a long way from the era of talk and chalk.

Today, for example, students in rural settings can gather regularly in a remote broadcast classroom to earn credits, or maybe a university degree.


At the heart of this technology is the goal of adaptation as developers work to deliver their Educational Software and customised apps to a broader range of students and institutions alike.

According to a recent Ovum post, the goal will continue to be one of finding new ways to engage faculty, staff and students.

The challenge will continue to be the lack of resources. What’s needed is a convergence in ideas and strategies honing in on producing new avenues of delivery. The main issue will not only be purchasing these informational services, but also the setting up the necessary infrastructure to delivered and maintain distance educational services.

The entire educational, IT arena is in a state of flux as decision makers review the benefits of new technologies. A top priority will continue to be one of how best to integrate the BYOD phenomenon in the classroom into a long-term commitment throughout the halls of higher education.

Discover how this trend in technology stands to benefit educators and students in the years to come. For one, the demand will increase for customised apps to better connect and engage all the players; contact us to learn more.