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Future of Video Games - Self-Determination of Characters' Fate

When it comes to innovative technology in the world of video game development, it sometimes seems as if improved graphics is our only focus.

Even the most eye-popping graphics aren't enough to get rid of that bad taste in your mouth when you reach the end of a game and it's an unqualified letdown. 



Hollywood still hasn't learned that lesson, but maybe video game designers are smarter. Spending millions to make a lousy story look fantastic still leaves you with only one thing, an unsatisfying story that you barely remember looked good.  Video games have something for everyone, blood and guts and really big butts, realistic sports simulations and stories set in some Balkan nation.

What video games don't have is a genuine emotional attachment to the way the story reaches a conclusion.

Virtual reality as a way of personalising video games, exploded with the introduction of next-generation consoles like Nintendo Wii, PS3 Move and Xbox Kinect. Those consoles and their tenuous claims to providing a virtual simulation of the human experience still managed to focus only on the mechanics of the medium. 

The leap from Mario attempting to win the heart of a Princess by rescuing her from the clutches of a giant ape to today's patches and upgrades and downloadable mini-games is truly wonderful. However imagine if instead of a download that lets millions of players still all be doing the same thing, every single player could reach the end of their game in a way that was totally customised to meet individual desires? 

Think of the movies you've sat through only to be disappointed by how it turned out. Did you want the shark to win at the end of "Jaws" or for Ben Kenobi to be Luke Skywalker's real dad? Fat chance of that, for now, however that's where movie technology and video game technology differ.

Place yourself into a world where you and your friends can all still share the collective thrill of beating bosses and winning mini-games. Now add the one thing that is missing from that joyous experience. Imagine reaching an entirely different conclusion that is absolutely nothing like the way the very same game was ended by anyone else in the world. 

This is where the future of video game design should be heading. Video games and movies share so many elements, but game designers always claim victory by reminding us that theirs is the truly interactive medium. But is it really? Players should be able to do more than just physically control characters on their way to what still remains a very preordained conclusion. 

Real, genuine, authentic and full interactivity would mean self-determination of your character's fate. Do you want to make a mark in the world of video games with innovative technology? You know what to do!

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