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How Schools Are Starting To Use Educational Technology

Regardless of whether a school is public or private, many are bringing technology to students in ways that were not even possible in the past. Some schools are requiring their students to use laptops (school provided) to complete some of their coursework, and for this reason, new educational software is in high demand.


Bringing School to the Screen

Many high school students are already adept at using the Internet. Many people report that their high school age children are more comfortable with Internet usage than they are themselves. As such, the change has not been largely disruptive for the children. It is the parents more often than not who are concerned with technological change.

What the Schools are Doing

Each school uses technology in its own individual way. The use of new technologies is fairly endemic across all schools, however some schools have made a great commitment to its adoption. Maureen Downey in her article “Closing schools and opening laptops: A New Jersey school pioneers virtual snow day ”, details some ways that some schools are using technology to educate their students in times of emergency.

Ms Downey states that, “Several private schools treated the snow days almost as if they were regular school days, except with instruction taking place in students’ bedrooms instead of classrooms. Public schools also offered a variety of Web-based activities and homework, from online standardized test prep to math practice.”

Those are a couple of the more innovative ways that schools have taken to using technology.

This Is the Way of the Future

Like it or not, this is the way that the future is going. New technologies are going to be in every classroom all the time before long. It is great for the schools that are getting ahead of the game and using technology now, they and their students are going to be ahead of the game as we continue to move into the future and realise a new world of educational advances.

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