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Sales and Marketing Tools

A business is really only as good as the Sales and Marketing tools it uses. A business owner would be doing their business a great disservice if they failed to take advantage of the vast number of Sales and Marketing tools that are currently available. While being able to provide a complete list of all the tools business owners should consider using is well beyond the scope of this post, there are still a few that deserve an honorable mention.

Google Analytics

A business is only as good as the information it has about its target demographic. Google provides a wonderful suite of tools to web masters that provides them with a wealth of easily accessible and very in-depth information. While it may not relate to marketing directly, being able to see when people visit the website, what keyword in the search engine landed them there, where in the world the person is most likely coming from, and the time spend on the web page, among many other things, could potentially increase the efficacy of any marketing campaign drastically.

Social Media Analytics 

Most businesses today have accepted that being on social media is imperative for just about any business. The power in being able to connect with followers is a great one, but what makes it so is the ability to take that information and weed out the valuable parts of it. Since all marketing campaigns cost money in someway, knowing which efforts that should be focused on and which that should be left in the dust is of tremendous benefit for a business. Why spend an equal amount of time on Pinterest as you do on Twitter, when twitter generates 83% more traffic? 

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