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Android Development Gets Sped Up On Caffeine

Google has made a commitment to the use of open innovation and creativity to help boost the Android into the role as the world's largest operating system for smartphones. The market for phones that operate on this system is both national and international and has lead to massive interest in Android development. Various applications and other features are being added daily by entrepreneurs who have specialized talent in making the products that we all want from our phones.

Developing Android Tools Faster

If the things being created for Android are so wonderful, then why not create them faster? That is the question that was asked by enough people that something called "caffeine" was developed. It is now not just the drug that one has in his morning coffee but also an Android utility library that one can access for faster application development. explains how this is done here,

Caffeine achieves this by making simple (but often code-heavy) tasks accessible and bug-free through providing a rich set of code utilities which shortens the amount of code you have to write and maintain in your applications.  

What This Says About Open Innovation

Here at Aerion Technologies we have the same trust and belief in open innovation. This of course being the process of allowing outsiders to develop tools and solutions to problems that we would not otherwise have. This means that a greater amount of minds are working on the problems faced by our world. It is the way that some of the largest and most successful companies on the planet are charting their course forward. 

For The People, By The People 

As with the "Caffeine" example, sometimes a little creative thinking is all that is needed to help deliver the products that people want and need. Android development is now easier because of the innovation of a few, and the products being released on the Android market are now multiplied because of the innovation of many. This is the new technology world that we find ourselves in, and it is helping us solve problems every day. 

Please contact us with any questions you may have about the power of open innovation and its real world applications.