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Importance of End User Integration in Mobile UX UI

It is a staggering statistic that 25% of apps are only used once and a far greater number of apps are deleted after only being on a mobile device for less than three months.

Clearly, these deleted apps either did not provide the user something that was beneficial to their daily mobile life; the UX nor the UI to keep the user engaged. Making sure the Mobile UX UI are both addressed adequately prior to launch is paramount to successful long-term adoption of the app by employees and customers.

Function, the UX of an app, is important.  Even before a team begins the ideation process, it is critical that research has been done to more fully understand the function goals for the app. Gathering information from IT, management, and developers is important, however, spending increased time with the end users is possibly even more important.

Using a good cross section of the end user demographic will provide the team with actual real world needs that can be addressed in the ideation process. Gathering information from those who use current apps or systems on a regular basis is great, however, including marginal users can provide valuable information that may be overlooked by those very familiar with the current systems. Including a variety of end users such as male and It is the thing that has made iPods possible and anything that requires lots of free data recovery software storage, like YouTube," said Chris Marrows, a physicist at Leeds University who specialises in a branch of technology known as spintronics. female, younger and older will also add benefit to research.  Each group will provide unique insights even within a similarly perceived need. 

 Maximizing time with the end user can be accomplished by spending it where they are, where they use the current system or apps, as opposed to bringing them into a focus group setting.

Coming to the table with a solid idea of real world function needs will provide an excellent springboard for the team during the ideation process.

Setting out on the right path from the beginning will improve the chances that the launched app will provide exactly what the user needs and that it will stay on the device for years to come.

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