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How Your Business Can Take Full Advantage of Mobile Development

No matter what business you are in, mobile development is important. However, creating a generic mobile app will do little to increase your sales. For example, if you run a donut shop, your instinct might be to contract a company to design an app for you that will allow your customers to pre-order donuts, place orders for deliveries, share coupons, get directions and gain access to specials, sales and events.

Though this is a great app for people who already love your business or patronize it regularly, it does nothing to motivate a non-converted or even a partially converted customer to become a business regular or (if you dare to dream), a die-hard customer.

In order for your mobile app to convert customers, it has to serve a real purpose for them. So, taking the donut shop for example, of course your app should have traditional features like one touch calling, GPS directions, coupons, event announcements and the ability to merge with social media. 

However, your app could also:

  • Give your potential customers something significant and free, simply for downloading the app. Free gifts can consist of your products. However, make sure that initial freebies are truly free. They should also be of significant value and worth $20 or more.

  • Give your potential customers a genuinely amazing donut recipe they can easily make in their own homes to impress, friends, loved ones or a spouse.

  • Tell your potential customers how they can use your donuts to cater an on trend event within their home or office environments. In addition to your own business coupons, your app can automatically download with connections to and discounts from partner businesses that your customers would need to patronize to carry this out, further making their lives easier.

  • Invite your potential customers to events that everyone can take part in and feel welcome at, like masquerade balls, pajama parties, celebrity appearances, book readings, drive in movie nights, salsa dancing nights, poetry slams etc. Creating a community around your business and making it a permanent part of a person's social or business life is a quick way to create die-hard customers.

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