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Product Development with Selling to the Education Market in Mind

Part of product development is knowing who you're going to sell your finished product to. For example, let's say you want to make an educational game and sell to the educational market. There are two approaches you can take for how you collect information on your target market. The first is with big data.You can use a system to collect the raw data, fiddle with the the numbers, and put together a picture. But, there is another way that delves into more of the human aspect of your audience.

Did you know that humanties degrees can help you find and define your target audience? When you approach analysing your audience from a more human aspect, you are looking deeply for an understanding of their world, and trying to see what they see. Understanding what they do and why they do it is no easy task.

For this deeper understanding you need to take a deep, analytical look of the audience, not just the raw numbers that represent them. By looking at the data collected, you can look at the bigger picture of the lives that bring your audience to you. However, when you study people, they grow self-conscious and change their behaviour. They may turn off tracking on their web browsers, share sparingly on social media, or any other number of things that affect the data.

To study your audience as they change, you need to study them with your own humanity and experiences. During the study of humanities, you learn how to step into the shoes of another and empathize with them. For instance, if you pick up any piece of literature you step into their world, empathizing with them and learning the subtlies of their lives. These same reading and critiquing skills are used to understand the subtle cues of your audience. By reading your audience with the training of a humanities major, you learn to feel what they feel, need what they need, and understand their product from their point of view. These are the hard skills that are needed to understand other people, their lives, and the context in which they see your potential product, which in turn can tell you how to approach and tweak your product development.

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