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User Interface and its Enormous Role in Mobile Development

Function, the User Experience (UX) of an app, is important. However, equally as important and truthfully, inseparable, is the User Interface (UI) of the app. Re-evaluating how the end user is integrated into this developmental process could be the difference between the app being part of the 25% of apps that are deleted after one use and those that become an integral part of the user's mobile life.

The development of a UX that provides all the solutions necessary to the end user can be undermined if the UI does not keep the user engaged or is not intuitive enough to allow quick adaption into daily mobile life.

Once again, integrating end user input throughout the UI Design process will greatly lessen the chances the app will not be adopted by the user.

A cross section of the end user demographic is important, just as with the UX development, however, when working with the UI Design, a smaller sample will be sufficient and more efficient. A balanced selection of 5 end users can typically identify between 75% - 80% of issues with the UI.

Including end users at every stage of the design process is an intensive undertaking but what is clear is that taking a wait and see attitude can mean the failure of the app.  With an estimated 82 Billion downloaded worldwide in 2013, there is little room for failure when it comes to app adoption.

Ultimately, the goal of app development is no longer simply to fulfill a need or solve a problem. In order to stand out in a virtual sea of mobile apps, the goal is to enhance people's lives, which necessitates being able to easily use the app. Taking the time to select the right end users throughout the design process and expending the energy to incorporate them at every stage will result in an app that people will not only need but will also want.

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