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What Will Microsoft's Purchase of HockeyApp Mean for Mobile Development?

Mobile development in the way of making sure apps stay working efficiently has taken a while to improve. But an indie company called HockeyApp providing comprehensive ways to test and gauge public opinion on apps may change things with Microsoft buying the company this month. While HockeyApp wants to stay as indie as possible, they'll likely be a major name for businesses before long in helping business apps run better.

Microsoft's plan is to integrate HockeyApp's useful features with an application usage program called Application Insight. The goal is to help expand on public feedback for apps running on iOS and Android phones.

What things could this do to help your business in the near future? HockeyApp utilizes key elements that help you save time and money on whether an app is necessary or not.

Obtaining Live Results on App Crashes

The biggest pet peeve for app users is when it crashes in the middle of business use. Your own business may depend on specific apps now to obtain information or to do essential tasks. HockeyApp's inclusion by Microsoft enables you to report live crash results so the developer will know how often it occurs. And if you're developing apps yourself in your business, you'll be able to know definitively how often crashes are happening to address the issue quicker.

Feedback is also essential in what people think of an app. Businesses will report what they think of an app and what needs improving. In the end, this helps both sides in increasing efficiency.

Through HockeyApp, features even exist that help in testing before an app gets released to users.

Testing a Mobile App

Once HockeyApp becomes ubiquitous, it has an easy capability to recruit app testers, plus the ability to look at the analytics of the testing. This scopes out issues early so they're ironed out before public use. It also helps your business if you're chosen to test the app to decide whether you want it or not before using it for something vital.

This is an example of how mobile development will become more efficient in the coming year and beyond to help you use apps more wisely and optimally.

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