Dominos driverless pizza delivery

Who gets pizza delivered? Would you like it to be delivered without a driver? Then move to Houston Texas and you can experience Domino’s driverless Pizza delivery service. Domino’s and Nuro have announced a trial in Houston that will utilise Nuro’s driverless cars to delivers pizzas to customers who order online. When ordering take away […]

Whisky & Technology: Real world use of Augmented Reality and Blockchain

For those who don’t know me, I’m a huge whisky/scotch fan and I enjoy a nice glass. I even have my Instagram dedicated to it (https://www.instagram.com/anthony.sap ), I’m also a huge tech fan and am always interested in learning and finding new ways tech can be applied. When I saw some news about these two […]

To The Cloud: Transition or Transform

Everyone hears about the cloud and that they should move their business there, but what does that actually mean? The cloud is just an umbrella term for highly available on-demand computers that are managed and run by a 3rd Party. The largest cloud providers at the moment are Amazon AWS followed by Microsoft Azure. There […]

Microsoft and Blockchain Identity on Azure Active Directory

Microsoft has announced that they will begin implementing Bitcoin-based Identity Verification within Azure Active Directory. The service will provide decentralised identity services removing the need for separate usernames/password per website or using your Facebook/Google account to login to a system or app. The solution puts you in charge of your digital identity and can be […]

Augmented Reality and Real-time 3D scanning and replication

The pace that technology is improving at is mindblowing. This AR and 3D scanning app can have so many applications in Retail. This is the next evolution of placing a “Virtual Couch” in your room to the next level This can not only be a great sales tool but a fantastic support tool. Imagine having […]

Project Soli Gesture Tracking

A few years ago we had the chance to work on Kiosk application that was gesture controlled via Leap Motion. The gestures were a great way to interact with the kiosk but the technology was very early and had its limitations. This morning I saw the next evolution of this technology and felt I needed […]