How can you use Apps to engage with your customers?

Some businesses just want an app for the sake of having an app, however all that does it provide a developer a project and you with useless app.

You must first identify the problem or extra value that your app will provide and tailor a solution that will engage your customers in a more effective way. The last thing you want is to develop an app that no one uses because it’s difficult or tries to be too much to too many people and it provides little to no value.

All large brands these days have apps that can be used as another avenue to expand their brand story or provide news, updates, promotions or another storefront. Other brands go that step further and create apps that help their customers consume their business.

Apps are a great way to get more exposure to customers but don’t forget you’re battling for the most expensive real-estate in the world, the spot on someones phone, with other apps and service. The app must server a purpose and serve it well otherwise customers will not give you the time of the day.

Some great examples of what can be done are:

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