How can you use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to engage with your customers?

Self Parking Automated Valet

Self Parking Automated Valet

I love seeing how this technology has evolved so fast. Can you imagine leaving your car in the carpark and having it find its own way to a spot saving you from that massive headache of driving in circles looking for something? This would change the feeling and dread I have when thinking about those […]

Amazon launches Shazam for clothes

Amazon is making it easier for its customers by allowing them to use a photo to search for similar items and make suggestions to their customers. This way of shopping via suggestions will only improve in the future. recommendations will be made without you having to provide an image, Machine learning and image recognition will […]

Self-driving cars improve traffic flow through AI

How many of you have thought about how self-driving cars will improve traffic? I know when I think about self-driving cars I think about how sick I’m going to get from motion sickness if I do anything besides look in front of me. When the cars are able to communicate and share information about stoppages, […]

AI and the perfect game bowling robot

Robots are taking over everywhere! This perfect game robot is unbelievable and I did not expect the way it throws the ball, is that even legal in professional bowling? When technology becomes commoditized people will create things to see if they can and I think that’s what happened here. How else could you utilize this […]

Using technology to motivate better health

This is a great innovative example of using existing technology to try and motivate people to become more active, hopefully leading to a better lifestyle. Using a financial reward as a motivator is definitely a way to push people in the right direction. This system uses AI and image recognition to record and track the […]

Dominos driverless pizza delivery

Who gets pizza delivered? Would you like it to be delivered without a driver? Then move to Houston Texas and you can experience Domino’s driverless Pizza delivery service. Domino’s and Nuro have announced a trial in Houston that will utilise Nuro’s driverless cars to delivers pizzas to customers who order online. When ordering take away […]

Ambulance Victoria and AI Descision Support Systems

Ambulance Victoria is another organisation that is looking to hashtag#AI to assist with real-time decision making in order to support staff. Ambulance Victoria is looking to deploy a predictive analytics platform running on Microsoft Azure that will support “data mining, machine learning, contextual models and ai to draw rich insights”. The aim is to assist […]