How can you use Blockchain to engage with your customers?

Whisky & Technology: Real world use of Augmented Reality and Blockchain

For those who don’t know me, I’m a huge whisky/scotch fan and I enjoy a nice glass. I even have my Instagram dedicated to it (https://www.instagram.com/anthony.sap ), I’m also a huge tech fan and am always interested in learning and finding new ways tech can be applied. When I saw some news about these two […]

Microsoft and Blockchain Identity on Azure Active Directory

Microsoft has announced that they will begin implementing Bitcoin-based Identity Verification within Azure Active Directory. The service will provide decentralised identity services removing the need for separate usernames/password per website or using your Facebook/Google account to login to a system or app. The solution puts you in charge of your digital identity and can be […]

IBM helps ship oranges with the blockchain

IBM helps ship oranges with the blockchain

Would you implement a system in your business that introduced a 60,000% improvement? Yes, you read that right, I didn’t add four 0’s by mistake 😉 With the IBM TradeLens system Pacific International Lines is using the blockchain to implement real-time access to shipping information. In the trial, a shipment of oranges is being tracked […]

Levi’s transparency and traceability on the blockchain

The 2 main benefits of using the blockchain are transparency and the integrity of data as it cannot be manipulated, every change is recorded and cannot be modified or deleted. This the reason Harvard University and Levi Strauss & Co have announced a blockchain based health and safety platform. The platform will provide self-reported data […]