DevReady PodcastDevReady Podcast E14 – Neville Christie

“Opportunity is everywhere, except most of us have our eyes closed” – Neville Christie

In Today’s Special Episode of the DevReady Podcast. Neville joined us to talk about the current state of the economy given the coronavirus crisis.
78 years young, Neville has been involved in 44 venture, 41 successful.
A profound track record by anyone’s account.

During this episode, Neville shared his amazing journey of how he was forced to become the family breadwinner at the young age of 12.
By 13, Neville had begun 3 business, the 3rd of which was collecting and producing Scallop shell ashtrays.

Selling them door-to-door, Neville turned this 5c item into a 75c sale!
He then turned this profit into buying and selling newspapers at the local pub, later falling into the business microloans.

At 13, Neville was making 5X the average wage!

In this episode, we take a deep dive into how Purpose has played a major part in Neville’s success and he shared what entrepreneurial life could look like in the aftermath of COVID-19.