DevReady PodcastStop Wasting Your Advertising Money with Judy Celmins – Episode 89 – DevReady Podcast

In this episode of the DevReady Podcast, hosts Andrew Romeo and Anthony Sapountzis talk to Judy Celmins, who is not just a marketing genius and a startup mentor but also hosts her own podcast, ThriveableBiz Podcast. Judy was, in fact, DevReady Podcast’s first-ever guest and she comes back to the podcast to talk about her book ‘Marketing = Customer + Heart’. The book is not just a book on marketing, it’s a way of doing business and you want to get your copy asap. (Note: 100% of the profit from the book would go to helping a Ukrainian family).

Judy and Eriks Celmins co-authored the book and in it, they share the 7 stages for building a solid growth strategy. Developed over their three decades of experience challenging conventions and problem-solving in a wide range of innovative businesses and industries, this formula will help a business owner to create and retain customers, innovate and come up with exciting ideas, make well-targeted marketing decisions, develop strong customer relationships, and have a competitive edge. Talking about what made her decide to write the book, Judy shares how it was driven by not just her work with clients across different industries but also her own frustrations with marketing products. Marketing comes to her intuitively and her goal was to document the process so that others could learn from it and build businesses that continue to thrive.
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