Essilor was looking for an innovative solution to enhance the sales process for Eye Care Professionals (ECP’s). The aim was to produce a sales tool that would aid the demonstration of both product information and product benefits to the end consumers.


Aerion Technologies designed and developed a Touch Screen application that presents Essilor products in an engaging and interactive light. The app is deployed in a kiosk environment and placed in Optometry stores. ECP’s now have a visual medium to demonstrate the benefits of Essilor’s innovative eye care solutions.


  • Improved product information communication
  • Assists in more sales to customers
  • Full content management, ability to add and edit product information
  • In-store advertising opportunities
  • Product recommendations based on questionnaires
  • Automatic content updates downloaded to stores

We have been working with Aerion to develop a software interface that could be used as a B2C (business to customer) sales aid across our entire networks.
Aerion recommended developing a backend content management system (CMS) to allow for easy branding of products; creating what essentially would be a differentiated sales aid for all our products and brands. This has meant a considerable saving to the business!  In addition, the software will be utilized in-house for sales force effectiveness and education delivery by our academies in Russia, China, Japan and Australia. Such versatility from what is essentially one software program shows creative thinking and perseverance by the Aerion team.

It’s one thing to say what could be done but it is another to actually deliver. From my team to yours, thanks a great deal.

Colin Madigan - Director Communications & Devices Essilor Asia Pacific Middle East Russia Africa
Essilor international