Pharmacy Choice; the independent marketing brand under Symbion required a software solution that would allow their members to print generic and custom shelf tags to promote new product updates and assist in the sales process.


Aerion Technologies developed a custom proprietary software tool for Pharmacy Choice Members to not only to print generic and custom branded shelf tags but also allows the Pharmacy Choice Marketing team to push product updates for upcoming promotions as well as new generic or custom templates to selected stores. The solution required three separate applications to achieve all of the requirements outlined which were the Member application, the Admin application and the Server application.


  • Pharmacy Choice Members now have the option to brand promotions with their own custom designed shelf tags or make use of the generic tickets
  • Pharmacy Choice is now able to publish promotions and communicate them to their members via this tool
  • Pharmacy Choice can assist individual store branding and ensure that campaigns are consistent throughout member stores
  • Members have the ability to receive product price lists for promotional activity