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As we draw 13 years in business, we would like to reflect on some reasons “WHY” we started Aerion Technologiesand how the “WHY” has evolved over the years, and how it continues to drive our business and Aerion’s culture today.  

Back in 2008, Andrew Romeo & Anthony Sapountzis founded Aerion Technologies while in their final year of universityOur founders were youngnaivehad zero business experience, and a lot to learn. 

A Glance At Aerion


Year Founded


Team Members


Happy Customers


Lines of Codes

First Client

Our first client was VSSEC (Victorian Space Science and Education Centre) in Strathmore, Melbourne. The first project was a simulation game to help year 9-10 students to keep astronauts alive on the mars surface 

We had a lot of fun, made lots of mistakes, and went way over the budget. Those mistakes allowed us to learn a lot from this project and started us on our journey to always improve and deliver great solutions.

Given all the mistakes we made but we still loved every minute; the problem solving, learning process, and the best of all the smile on the faces of students when they engaged with the platform.  

Till today, the Mission to Mars has educated over 50,000 Victorian students and still operational.

The useless tech

Over the years we developed a number of solutions, some hit the mark, delivering real value while others sadly became shelfware.

There is nothing more disheartening to a team if your solution never sees the light of the day. Especially when you put your heart and soul into a project, spending endless hours and writing 100s of 1000s of lines of code.

In the early days, we followed the lead of our clients, trusting that they know the path ahead. Little did we know that our clients’ requirements generally spurned out of their own minds with little to no validation from key stakeholders and prospective users.

A desire to innovate

No matter how good we were at designing and developing software, we would still have projects that failed to deliver business value. 

Through these frustrations, we began to question why some projects got users, while others burnt time, money and delivered no value.  

We begin to ask why? We started to investigate.  

We backtested our projects and dug into the tech industry as a whole. Unfortunately, we found that this was the norm in the tech space. According to Standish Group’s Annual CHAOS report, 66% of technology projects end in partial or total failure. 

Time and time again tech projects fail to cost businesses 100s of 1000s dollars, if not millions of dollars.  

We were at crossroads. We could either continue to follow our clients’ lead in the hope that they know the path ahead or we could take the lead, get inquisitive, ask more questions and save us and our clients’ dreams.

DevReady became alive

After more than a year of evolution, DevReady was born. Devready is a technology co-creation process. It brings key stakeholders to the table to understand the problems, needs, and possibilities. 

Prior to DevReady, we realized that businesses often jump into development too early. They may fail to validate their ideas, they may lack market insights, not exactly understanding the investment required, or to have clarity on steps from idea to delivery. 

Since the launch of DevReady, our clients have felt a great sense of confidence, knowing that their solution will deliver real business outcomes. All this happens before any code is typed! 

Our Process


Our Leadership

Titles don’t matter much at Aerion Technologies. Aerion excels because of the skills and capability of each and every member of our company.

We are proud to have highly experienced members from the technology and business side. Meet the amazing and friendly leaders of Aerion Technologies.



The Big Idea of Aerion

A couple of university students planned to start a games development company.  

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Founded in 2008

6 months later Aerion Technologies was started by Andrew Romeo & Anthony Sapountzis. 2 university students in their final year started this tech company from their computer labs.  

First Project

Got VSSEC (Victorian Space Science Education Centre) as our first client. During the next 12 months, we developed an educational game for students about NASA mission control.  

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The team grows to 5 software developers. 

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First Product Launched

Launched our own tech product Shopfront Solutions. Shopfront Solutions is a retail marketing platform specifically designed for pharmacy retail stores to manage all of their digital and print marketing collateral. 1500+ pharmacies are using Shopfront Solutions in Australia nationwide.  

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DevReady Process

DevReady Process was born as a result of 1 year of struggle to come up with a process that will help our clients to develop a successful technology.

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DevReady Podcast

In November 2019. we started DevReady Podcast where we go behind the scenes 1 on 1 with start-up founders and tech builders.

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We hired new people and the team members reach 26. 

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