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What we do

Conduct Market Research and work with you to streamline the vision for your iPhone App
Develop a tailor-made iPhone App that you want and your users love
Provide end-to-end iPhone App Development
Provide continuous Maintenance & Support for your iPhone App



Our DevReady Process is designed to help us help you streamline the vision of your iPhone App. We work with you to understand the benefits/features that users should expect from your iPhone App.

Market Research is vital to our process. Through that, we map out who the main competitors in the iPhone App market are and leverage the information to meet your goals. We also work with you to define the target users and develop a plan to monetize and scale the iPhone App.

We work with you to ensure that your needs and business goals align.



We have an experienced team of designers who have expertise in delivering specific solutions for developing iPhone Apps. We leverage that expertise to create wireframes for the app. Based on the behavioral patterns of the target customers, we develop prototypes for testing so as to ensure that the users like the feel of your iPhone App.

We then test the prototype of your iPhone App and get user feedback. This helps with the buy-in from potential end-users. Once the design is validated, we work with you to develop the branding.



We work with you to outline a development schedule and a budget that is adjusted to your business plan. Using agile development methodologies, our experienced developers and managers then work on your iPhone App.

We have experience in developing MVP for iPhone Apps. Our tailor-made solution has complete functionalities once the development process is over. We work on the app in such a way that it offers flexibility and scalability as your business grows.



As we use agile development, your iPhone App will be ready to use when we submit it to the app store/play store. We also conduct user testing of the iPhone App to identify bugs, and then we fix them for a smooth user experience.

Support & Maintenance


We provide continuous maintenance and support for excellent stability and performance. We ensure that support and maintenance focus on multiple aspects: improving existing features, fixing potential errors, and updating functionalities, among others, to meet users’ expectations.

Leverage our 10+ years of experience in iPhone App Development

Why iPhone App Development?

One of the major benefits of iPhone App development is the high-end security that it provides. In addition to that iPhone Apps are known to provide a better customer experience thanks to their impeccable standards of hardware, customer support, and flawless software functions. If your target market is tech-savvy and wants a simple yet effective interface, then iPhone App development is your answer.

iPhone Apps have a stronger brand value. Likewise, iPhone Apps give better ROI and have better scalability. Not to forget, these ensure secured transactions as well. And if you are someone who enjoys the synchronized environment of the Apple device, then no other App would suffice.


We can help commercialize your iPhone App

We help you build a strategy to enter the market with your iPhone App through our DevReady Process. First, we determine your iPhone App, its users, and the market feasibility. Then, we work with you to monetize your app and build a market strategy. We also provide help with marketing and consumer acquisition. And lastly, we also factor in the launch strategy.

iPhone App Development FAQ

How much does iPhone App Development Cost?
The cost of an iPhone App depends on the features and functionality you want.
Some apps perform one basic transaction and have few screens, and there are also complex apps like Amazon and Uber that handle millions of users simultaneously.
Based on our experience of working in Android App Development, the basic categorization of the cost would come down to the following:
Single Platform, Limited Integration
Cross Platform, Simple Integration
Multiple Personas, Complex Integration
Based on the complexity of the app and the resources (human and technical), Aerion Technologies’ DevReady Process will guide you through estimating the budget and delivering the app through an agile development process. Yes, we also factor in app maintenance and upgradation cost, so you don’t have to worry.
Should I build an iPhone App or an Android App?
App development for the Apple platform offers you scalability and a better Return on Investment (ROI)
Here are some of the reasons why you should build an iPhone App as opposed to an Android App:
  • iPhone Apps have high-end security
  • iPhone Apps ensure secured transactions
  • iPhone Apps have strong brand value
  • iPhone Apps provide a better ROI
  • iPhone Apps are aesthetically more appealing
  • iPhone Apps provide better scalability
  • iPhone Apps provide better customer experience
  • iPhone Apps have flexible user interface
How long does it take to build an iPhone app?
Developing a simple iPhone App with MVP functionality and a basic User Interface that runs on a single platform will take between 2-3 months.
If you want a medium complexity iPhone App with more sophisticated features and custom UI details, it will take anywhere between 3-6 months.
A high-level iPhone App with advanced features, a bespoke UI and that runs on 2 or more platforms, it would take anywhere between 6-12 months or even more.
Single Platform, Basic UI, MVP Functionality
2-3 months
Custom UI, Advanced Features, Single Platform
3-6 months
Advanced Features, 2 or more platforms, bespoke UI
3-12 months +
Please consider that the time taken to build an iPhone App depends on several things:
  • Actual features of the app
  • Platforms you’d want the app to support
  • Number of users
  • Size and capacity of the development team
This does not include the time taken for research or, as we call our process, DevReady.
Why should I build an iPhone App?

Mobile apps, especially the ones for iPhone, have a bigger demand in the market. Developing an iPhone App means that you emphasize simplicity and a smooth user interface.

iPhone Apps have a brand value that is unchallenged! And it is a direct marketing channel: you can update your customers about special offers and new features with a simple push notification!

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