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We work with startups, entrepreneurs and businesses to deliver engaging mobile apps
We can help you build your POC (Proof of Concept), MVP or complete platform
End-to-end delivery from ideating, designing, developing, testing and maintaining your app

The Idea

We work with Startups, entrepreneurs and business across Melbourne and Australia to help bring their ideas to life. Using our proven DevReady process we work with you to ideate and define an app that delivers real value to your users.

Using our proven DevReady process we work with you to ideate and define your idea and help you understand what’s possible. Working together we can help put your idea in your end-users hands to they receive a slick app that is delivering value.


For over 14 years Aerion has been developing mobile apps using native code for iPhone and Android or across both platform using React Native. Our experienced teams are capable of developing your initial POC, MVP and final app as well taking care of maintaining your app and add new features over time.


Building your app is only the first step, to get out to your users you need to make sure it’s tested and works. Our team of Quality Assurance engineers are able to ensure your app is working across multiple devices and is delivered to high quality standards.


Mobile App Maintenance is an essential step in the life of your app. Whether you want to add new features, update existing features or make changes to the app to keep it secure and up to date our experienced team can do this for you.

Leverage our 14+ years of experience in Mobile App Development

Why Develop a Mobile App

Mobile Apps help you engage and connect with your users, whether they’re your customers or staff. Having your app within your users hands is a great way to provide value and increase sales, brand awareness and even efficiencies within your business. 

Our team can help bring your idea to life with expertise and guidance to increase user engage. We build apps to scale, ensuring that when your business takes off your app will be there with you. 

It doesn’t matter if your app is a sales app, a marketing app or a data hungry internal business tool. We deliver apps that that are guaranteed to stand-up to the demands of your users.

Startup POCs and MVPs

Our expert team can help you design and build your Proof of Concept (POC), MVP or even a commercial ready mobile app. We’ve successfully delivered mobile apps from POC through to commercialization. This includes mobile and tablet games and data-hungry apps that have collected millions of data points. 

Our DevReady Consultants work with you to identify the critical functionality of your app. Together, we define and develop a POC to validate the idea. Once validated, we can then confidently invest into the MVP knowing that you have proven a real need in the market place.

Mobile App Development FAQ

How much does Mobile App Development Cost

The cost of developing a mobile app depends on various variables. The biggest factors affecting the cost of your mobile app build are the complexity of the app, the number of user types, the number of user flows, screens and scalability required for the solution.  

Apps range from 

  • A Small Mobile App – $30,000 – $80,000 
  • A Medium Mobile App – $80,000 – $150,000 
  • A Large Mobile App – $150,000 – $300,000 
  • Large and Complex $300,000+ 


Some complex Apps even cross the millions of dollars range.  

Should I build and iPhone or Android App?

Choosing between developing an iPhone and Android Mobile app is an important decision. Which platform you choose will depend on your users. If you’re developing an internal business tool then the types of devices within your business will dictate which platform to build on. If you’re mobile app is consumer facing then both platforms will be required to maximise reach. 

Is Native Mobile App Development better than Cross Platform?

There has been heavy discussion about Native Apps vs Cross Platform apps in the developer world. However, it comes down to your idea and use case whether or not Cross Platform will be suitable. Cross Platform mobile apps allow for a shorter development cycle and timeframe as two apps do not need to be built simultaneously. 

 However, if your app is a Mobile Game or requires heavy processing on the device and access to some low-level sensors then you may need to develop a native mobile app instead. Our DevReady Consultants and Engineer can help you through this process and advise which way you should develop your mobile app. 

Do I need a Mobile App?

This is a question that we hear from startups and small businesses all the time. Mobile Web Apps and Progressive Web Apps have evolved to the point where most features are the same whether you’re building a Mobile App or Web App. Depending on what sensors you need from the mobile device, or if you’re building a game, you could go down the Web App path instead. Get in contact with our DevReady Consultants and they will guide you through the process to pick the best solution for your idea. 

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