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Co-founder and Chief Executive OfficerAndrew Romeo

Andrew Romeo is co-founder and CEO of Aerion Technologies. Andrew is a seasoned entrepreneur and tech investor. Along with helping clients discover and design the roadmap to the reality of tech ideas, Andrew drives the vision and growth of Aerion Technologies.  

Andrew graduated with a double degree in finance and computer science from La Trobe University.  

In his spare time, Andrew loves to read books and chill with family.

Co-founder and Chief Technology OfficerAnthony Sapountzis

Anthony is co-founder and CTO of Aerion Technologies. Anthony contributes an ocean of knowledge with over 12 years of successful software development experience. In his role, Anthony helps clients in the realization of tech ideas. He guides and manages development and software creation.  

Anthony graduated with honours in Computer Science from La Trobe University.  

When not working at Aerion, Anthony runs a scotch blog where he tastes and shares reviews on various scotch brands. Don’t forget to follow Anthony’s Instagram here if you’re into scotch.

Director ProjectAnil Krishnan

As Project Director for Aerion Technologies, Anil guides and instructs a multidisciplinary team to deliver projects. Anil has more than 12 years of experience, working in various departments and roles, from Quality Assurance Engineer, Software Developer to Database Administrator. He has worked with software teams across multiple countries including the US, Australia, Nepal, and Singapore. 
Anil graduated in Information Management and has a Masters in Information and Communication Technology from La Trobe University. 
In his spare time, Anil likes to be surrounded by nature: likes hiking and spending time with his plants at home.

Head of Front EndGordon Pedersen

Gordon Pedersen is a Senior Software Architect and Head of Front End, as well as helped to co-found Aerion Technologies in 2008Gordon has 12 years of experience in all aspects of software development, from front and back-end code to system design and architecture. He helps develop a tech idea from the initial concept to a fully fleshed-out system design. 

Gordon graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Computer Science in Games Technology. 

As a hobby, Gordon develops plugins and extensions for other software.

Head of EngineeringPhillip Nadvesnik

Phillip is Head of Engineering and has been with Aerion for over 7 years. He is heavily involved in software engineering and leads our praised technical support for our retail marketing product. 

Phillip graduated with honors in Information Technology at La Trobe University. 

In his spare time, Phillip is busy with his second life as a musician and enjoys playing with his Jack Russels. Check out his music site here. Phillip would love some extra clicks.

Senior Software DeveloperAaron Sturmfels

Aaron is a Senior Software Developer and has been with Aerion for over 7 years. His daily duties include development, code reviews and technical consulting.

Aaron has a passion for new and innovative technologies, and his favourite programming language is C# – Microsoft .NET. He also likes to follow best practices and code optimisation.

Aaron graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Information Technology.

Head of Quality Assurance Bikash Gurung

Bikash is Head of Quality Assurance at Aerion Technologies. He coordinates the quality assurance department and ensures our digital products meet company standards and client requirements. In addition to that, he manages a team of test engineers to ensure the highest quality product delivery and defines measurable metrics to gauge progress against the objective QA goal. Bikash has extensive knowledge of testing tools 

Bikash graduated with honours in Master of Information Technology from Swinburne University of Technology 

In his leisure time, Bikash loves to play the guitar and listen to music. He also dabbles in photography

CEO (Asia)Newton Suwal

Newton Suwal is CEO (Asia) at Aerion Technologies. He brings different teams together to achieve organizational goals and is truly an outstanding team player. 

Newton graduated in Information Management and commenced his career in IT as Software Developer in 2010. Before Aerion, Newton worked with various outsourcing software companies in the US and Holland.  

Newton is an avid traveller, plays musical instruments, and is a fitness enthusiast. It might be the end of the world but he won’t skip his gym.

Head of Operations (Asia)Anita Krishnan

As the Head of Operations, Anita works with teams across the organization to ensure that best practices are put into place and systems managed. She enjoys working with people–each person bringing to the table their own personality and skillset.

Anita has dual degrees in law and social sciences. She has over a decade of experience when it comes to working in leadership roles with various national and international organizations. She specializes in strategic planning and research, but every once in a while, enjoys throwing caution to the wind and taking on new challenges and learning opportunities—the serendipitous ticket to the world of tech has to be a forerunner in that list.

Coffee and books are what drive her being. All the work she does, in fact, is to ‘put some coffee in the cup’ and ‘find respite in the written word’.
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