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Design your ideal solution using DevReady in 4 just weeks!

How It Works

With our DevReady Process, together, we will design and develop a "Scalable Product" that your users will love.

We will refine your solution through workshops, brainstorming sessions, prototypes and stakeholder interviews, so you can finally have clarity about delivering a solution that will provide real value to your users.–-1-3.png

Step 1: Discover

We’ll document and explore your ideas, features and functions that your product may incorporate.–-1.png–-1-4.png

Step 2: Investigate

We’ll take care of the technical research, prototyping and reviewing of third party integrations to minimise the risk to your project.–-1.png–-1-3.png

Step 3: Define

We’ll work with you to articulate and document the project’s requirements, goals, estimate cost, risks and user journey, so you have a book of facts rather than a napkin of assumptions.–-1.png–-1-1.png

Step 4: Design

Here we design UX, UI, engineer the system architecture, document the Minimum Viable Product and estimate the expected project timeline.–-1.png–-1.png

Step 5: Validate

All of the previous steps are validated here by key stakeholders. The validation phase takes the current system definition through the entire process again to ensure complete accuracy prior to moving into development.

Who It's For

Start-up Founders

who have a great idea but are concerned about losing money in wrong tech.

Product Managers

who want to create a legendary tech for their customers and grow.

Innovation Managers

who are looking to innovate and gain competitive advantage.

Chief Technology Officers

who need support and assistance in creating MVP that will scale.

What Makes DevReady Unique Then Any “Software Consultation” You’ve Experienced Before

Let’s discuss what we don’t do in DevReady:

DevReady is NOT another consultation: Yes, there will be workshops and brainstorming sessions. But truly it’s an expedition where we will guide you, help you and even push you, if we have to, in developing accurate tech solution for your need.
DevReady is NOT the same solution for all: Our tech and business experts will initiate the process by gathering your ideas and problems and then help you come up with an absolute MVP.
DevReady is NOT complex: Building tech is considered difficult and risky. In DevReady, you will find building tech so easy that it will take away your worry of explaining to your board and team why you need this tech for your organization.
It’s wise to spend $10,000 to design the perfect tech instead of spending $150,000 and finding out that your tech doesn’t serve your users.

Who Can Go DevReady

You must have an idea. We aren’t going to help you come up with an idea. But what we will do is help you refine your idea and make it suitable for your users.
You must have time to allocate. Do you have 6-8 hours each week? It’s a 4-week intensive process that will require you to be deeply involved in the process with us for some action.
"If you don’t find value in our DevReady Process we will return your investment."
If you think you fulfil the above qualifications and you’re ready to take the next steps, then click below to get started!

Hear From Tech Builders
"Having DevReady Process and the flexibility that comes with it has really given us an edge in developing digital solutions to deliver a competitive advantage."
Digital Futures Leader at Aurecon
"I have always found working with the Aerion team a pleasure. They are very pragmatic with DevReady Process in their approach to proposals and the delivery of new solutions."
Executive Director at Intellipharm
"The first development company quoted $20k to develop my app. The second company quoted around $100k. Neither were remotely close. The DevReady process has made the final build of my app a simple, step by step and executable process. Thanks, guys."
Founder at My Ultimate 4WD

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