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Creating software is not an easy task when it’s linked to the growth of your organisation.  

Being unsure about what type of custom software do you need or thinking about what is the guarantee that your tech will not become living dead can make this process more complex and frustrating 

We do this through our successfully tested DevReady process by investigating the idea, defining features, designing your MVP (minimum viable product), and mitigating risks. All this happens before any code is typed! 

How We Can Help

    Custom Software

    Get competitive edge with tailored mobile & web applications.

    Mobile Apps

    Develop Android & iOS apps to empower your business.

    Custom Software

    Custom software is the process of defining, designing, developing, deploying and maintaining software that is created for a specific set of needs, users or organisation. At Aerion, custom software encompasses building web and mobile apps, ecommerce, enterprise applications, system integrations and business intelligence.

    Do you feel that you’re not receiving adequate support in your dream project or having a continuous communication gap with your development team?

    Our most experienced software developers go through the engineering phase and will create a plan for you before actual software development. The plan will arm you with fixed price quote, delivery timeframes and uncover all risks.

    Don’t go for custom software because this is in trend. Go because your business needs it.

    Mobile Apps

    Mobile applications usually operate on Android and iOS devices and created for smartphone and tablets.

    Are you not confident about building an app from scratch or build an app that already exists in the market? Our DevReady process will help you identify and understand your app needs.

    Mobile apps are different from web apps and require different UI, UX and functionality. We will help you design, create, test and launch an app meant for your users.

    Our Process

    Our Happy Founders!
    "The team has shown great capacity to understand and capture our preliminary concept needs and convert them into a meaningful system. Their detailed knowledge of software development and guided us through the first phase of our concept."
    Director at Global Health Services
    "Aerion invest time and energy at the beginning of the project to ensure that when it comes to the build, you're only paying for what you need. No fuss, no bother and no surprises. Just a tailored development experience that delivers the expected results. That's money in the bank."
    Founder of SaaS Accelerator
    on Monday, June 13, 2016, (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)
    "Team at Aerion was able to validate my previous team’s abilities and resources to undertake the project successfully. They have played an essential role as an advisor in overseeing the development. Aerion is no longer our advisors but our exclusive development team."
    Chief Executive Officer at Eye Spies

    Start Building
    Your Idea.

    Ready to see how Aerion Process can help you create a scaleable product. Schedule your consultation today. Learn how our experts can help you with:
    Reducing your stress with drama free delivery.
    Educating you with what works best for your outcomes.
    Investing your time and money in the right product.
    Building your dream software.
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