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What is IoT?

Internet of things (IoT) is all about connecting devices or objects (hardware) with sensors connected via the internet or network to gather, monitor, analyse / exchange data or trigger an action. Think of a farm, but a futuristic farm, Cows are equipped with a device so when they approach a gate it automatically opens or maybe an automated food trough. IoT can be used to in many different applications to simplify or enrich our daily experiences.

How can IoT grow your business?

When devices and objects with sensors are connected an internet of things platform, the data can be integrated from other connected devices, this valuable information can be used to perform an action or solve defined problems.

These IoT platforms are designed to filter and pick information that is useful and ignore unnecessary data. The selected information can then be used to detect problems before they happen, trends, pattens, forecasts and even make logical recommendations.

For example, if you have a large fruit store with high traffic and you want to know how you can serve more customers without adding more counters. Using internet of things, you could:
Introduce self-paid trolleys that also collect data on sales.
Filter down most popular items being sold and run discounts campaigns likewise.
Link sales data with inventory so the popular items never go out of stock.

Who We Are?

Aerion Technologies & CRINNAC have partnered and can provide you with a seamless service for your IoT project or Start-up.

At Aerion we support you by refining your idea and building the software solution to support your concept. Aerion can also provide IT, Go to Market consultancy services, funding and raising advice. Our Partner CRINNAC compliments your concept by providing Product Design and Development capability linking you with local and international manufacturing and distribution capability. Together we can build your perfect IoT product.

No matter at what stage of product you are we offer end to end development services with hardware and software support. We also provide integration, monitoring and automation of hardware and software technologies.

With 30+ software developers, 12 industrial engineers and over 21 years of technology building experience, we are the perfect IoT partners you need.

Our Featured Clients

De-risking your investment

Customers are spoiled for choice when it comes to companies selling IoT devices and platforms. Often users are let down by clunky software or buggy hardware.

Our services help to ensure that the reality of idea matches with the needs and expectations of users, avoiding wasted money and abandoned technologies.

Our expert technologists will help you to get clarity in the ideation and design of both devices and technology.


Delivering you the impossible

You have the idea, but don't know where to start? You now need to find a trusted Manufacturing partner and a Tech partner, connect them and hope they get along?

When making an IoT ecosystem this relationship is very important, if done poorly this opens vulnerabilities to bad customer experience, security threats, difficulty in software deployment and authentication failures.

With our partnership with CRINNAC, we make it possible for you to get great hardware devices with top notch software so you can launch the impossible.

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Every week the founders of Aerion Technologies & Crinnac join forces to bring you the latest buzz from the IoT industry.

Is this podcast for you?

You could be a tech enthusiast who admires the synergy between the software and hardware industry, or a venture capitalist looking to invest in more innovative products.

Whether you are just a newbie, or you’ve been involved with the IoT industry for a while, this podcast is for you.

We guarantee that by the end of each week, you’d have learned at least one new thing about IoT.

So, enjoy listening to the interviews with IoT experts and explore innovative products from this emerging industry.

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