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Welcome to the DevReady Podcast. On this show, we go behind the scene 1 on 1 with start-up founders and tech builders. We discuss their idea of developing tech, finding suitable investors to launch their product, and many more.

Join us in this remarkable show if you're planning to start your SaaS company or trying to build a tech product but afraid that you do not have the technical knowledge and support to best leverage your idea?

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About The PodcastThe 1 Million$ Mistake

5 businesses approached us in October 2019 with similar yet significant issues in their software projects. After analyzing their projects, we found that they all combined lost over $1,000,000.

$0 ROI on $1 million.

This $1 million was invested into ideas which they thought will add great value to the market but ended up a complete failure. This pushed those businesses where they felt that they may never be able to deliver a working product in the market.

There are thousands of businesses, start-up founders, and CTOs who experience the same depression, frustration, and sense of failure every day.

We started DevReady Podcast under the umbrella of Aerion Technologies where we help non-tech build better tech. This podcast serves the start-up community where they can learn from stories of other start-ups and tech builders.
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