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What we do

Conduct market research and strategize to streamline your vision for your Android App
Design an Android App that suits the needs of users and is tailor-made for you
Provide end-to-end Android App development
Provide continuous maintenance and support for your Android App


Through our DevReady process, we work with you to sharpen your vision and streamline the purpose of your Android App, and identify what benefits/features and value your users will get from it. We will also conduct extensive market research, including who the main competitors in the Android App market are and how the information can be leveraged to serve your needs better. We will then define the target users and develop a plan to monetize and scale your Android App. All in all, we work with you to ensure that your needs and business goals align.


Leveraging our expertise in providing specific solutions for developing Android Apps, our team will create wireframes for your app. Our designers will develop prototypes based on an analysis of targeted customers’ behaviours. We will test the prototype of your Android App and get user feedback to ensure buy-in from potential end-users. Once the design is validated, we will work with you to develop the branding.


We will work with you on a development schedule and a budget adjusted to your business plan. Our experienced developers and managers will work on your Android App through agile development methodologies. We have experience in developing Android app MVPs. Your Android app will be developed to ensure it is providing value to your users. We work on the app in such a way that it offers flexibility and scalability as your business grows.


As we use agile development, your Android app will be ready to use when we submit it to the app store/play store. We also conduct user testing of your Android App to identify bugs, and then we fix them for a smooth user experience.

Support & Maintenance

We provide continuous maintenance and support for excellent stability and performance. We ensure that support and maintenance focus on multiple aspects: improving existing features, fixing potential errors, and updating functionalities, among others, to meet users’ expectations.

Leverage our 14+ years of experience in Android App Development

Why Android App Development?

Android OS holds the majority of shares in the mobile application market. Android App development is low cost and provides high ROI. There are low barriers to entry and it is both versatile and scalable. Flexible development methods along with Android’s open working model and easy availability of resources make it extremely easy and quick to develop an Android App—a low-hanging fruit, indeed! And there’s also the ability to provide maximum customization.

We can help commercialize your app

We help you build a strategy to enter the market with your Android App through our DevReady Process. First, we determine your Android App, its users and its market feasibility. Then, we work with you to monetize your app and build a market strategy. We also provide help with marketing and consumer acquisition. And lastly, we also factor in the launch strategy.

Android App Development FAQ

How much does Android App Development Cost?
The cost of an Android App depends on the features and functionality you want.
Some apps perform one basic transaction and have few screens, and there are also complex apps like Amazon and Uber that handle millions of users simultaneously.
Based on our experience of working in Android App Development, the basic categorization of the cost would come down to the following:

 $30,000 – $80,000  for MVP’s, Prototypes and  Proof of Concepts

$80,000 – $150,000  for larger apps that expand upon the MVP’s, prototypes and Proof of Concepts.

$150,000 – $300,000 for more feature rich apps or basic games

$300,000 for larger apps with more complexity or more feature rich and engaging 2D or 3D games

Some complex Apps can have budgets in the millions of dollars. 

Based on the complexity of the app and the resources (human and technical), Aerion Technologies’ DevReady Process will guide you through estimating the budget and delivering the app through an agile development process. Yes, we also factor in app maintenance and upgradation cost, so you don’t have to worry.
Should I develop an Android App or an iPhone App?
App development for the Android platform offers you scalability and cost-effectiveness.
Here are some of the reasons why you should build an Android App over an iOS App:
  • Android Apps have a bigger market share
  • Android development is low cost and provides high ROI
  • Android applications have low barriers to entry
  • Android app development can help you target various platforms
  • Android app development offers flexibility
  • Android app development provides maximum customization
  • Android app development is both versatile and scalable
How long does Android App development take?
Developing a simple Android app with MVP functionality and a basic User Interface that runs on a single platform will take between 2-3 months.
If you want a medium complexity Android App with more sophisticated features and custom UI details, it will take anywhere between 3-6 months.
A high-level Android App with advanced features, a bespoke UI and that runs on 2 or more platforms, it would take anywhere between 6-12 months or even more.
Single Platform, Basic UI, MVP Functionality
2-3 months
Custom UI, Advanced Features, Single Platform
3-6 months
Advanced Features, 2 or more platforms, bespoke UI
3-12 months +
Please consider that the time taken to build an Android App depends on several things:
  • Actual features of the app
  • Platforms you’d want the app to support
  • Number of users
  • Size and capacity of the development team
This does not include the time taken for research or, as we call our process, DevReady.
Why should I build an Android App?
Mobile apps, especially the ones for Android, have a wide audience. Having an Android App also helps you provide your services faster and directly. Likewise, it is one of the easiest ways to ensure better customer engagement and competent support and maintenance.
An Android App will mean you provide value and convenience to your customers while also building recognition for your brand. And it is a direct marketing channel: you can update your customers about special offers and new features with a simple push notification!
Should I invest in Native Android App Development, Cross-Platform Android App or a Hybrid Android App?
Depending on your idea, the functionality your app needs and its complexity you can use any of the three possible methods to deliver your mobile app.
  • Hybrid apps are generally for very lightweight apps with very limited budgets
  • Cross-platform apps are generally what is developed as you can focus on your Android app and iOS app at the same time
  • Native app Development is generally targeted when you need to have more control over the performance of your app for very intensive features and larger budgets as you will need to build your Android app and iOS app independently.

For more details on the differences between the options and why you should choose a mobile app click here to find out more about Melbourne App Development

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