Are you ready to take advantage of 5G within your business?

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest tech news you might be hearing a lot about 5G lately. If not this news is coming out of  Mobile World Congress which is a giant conference where most mobile manufacturers are showing off their new tech. Most of the hype has been on folding screen phones […]

Transforming the retail customer experience with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) by 2020 is expected to generate $122 Billion dollars of revenue within the Retail Sector. The technology is advancing beyond the “Fad” or “Gimmick” phase and is beginning to show utility to customers. Advances in technology have sped us this adoption. AR has real utility if it can enhance the customer experience […]

Strategically using data within your business to build your competitive advantage

Did you know that 90% of the world’s data was generated in the last 2 years? This is a continuing trend, if you think about 2021 90% of the worlds data will be created in the next 2 years. The amount of data being generated and collected is astounding and trying to find useful data […]

IBM helps ship oranges with the blockchain

IBM helps ship oranges with the blockchain

Would you implement a system in your business that introduced a 60,000% improvement? Yes, you read that right, I didn’t add four 0’s by mistake 😉 With the IBM TradeLens system Pacific International Lines is using the blockchain to implement real-time access to shipping information. In the trial, a shipment of oranges is being tracked […]

Levi’s transparency and traceability on the blockchain

The 2 main benefits of using the blockchain are transparency and the integrity of data as it cannot be manipulated, every change is recorded and cannot be modified or deleted. This the reason Harvard University and Levi Strauss & Co have announced a blockchain based health and safety platform. The platform will provide self-reported data […]

Ambulance Victoria and AI Descision Support Systems

Ambulance Victoria is another organisation that is looking to hashtag#AI to assist with real-time decision making in order to support staff. Ambulance Victoria is looking to deploy a predictive analytics platform running on Microsoft Azure that will support “data mining, machine learning, contextual models and ai to draw rich insights”. The aim is to assist […]

Macy’s VR experience increases sales

Macy’s (US Department store) are always looking for ways to keep their customer experience fresh and engaging and through digital transformation have found a new tool to help increase sales. Macy’s has announced a partnership with Marxent to deploy roughly 70 VR installations to its stores across the US. During the pilot program held at […]

Electrical nose stimulation and being able to smell objects in VR

Imagine in the future watching an episode of MasterChef and being able to smell the ingredients the contestants are cooking with. Imagine sitting at the virtual judging table next to Gary, George and Matt and seeing the food up close and being able to smell it and taking it all in. Some very interesting tech […]

Dynamic Configuration of ImageProcessor .Net with Azure App Service Slot Settings

At Aerion we use the awesome ImageProcessor library (A .NET library for on-the-fly processing of images) when we need to have image caching and the ability to request images at different sizes based on designs. As with most things when moving the code to an Azure App Service we try to utilise the Slot Settings so that […]